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Mobile Marketing & Mobile Wallet

Discover a new mobile communication channel to attract, connect, interact, and retain your customers.


Mobile Marketing & Mobile Wallet Experts

What we do?

We focus on Mobile Wallet technology, a new communication channel to acquire and engage your audience on mobile.

Pass Media Wallet Solution

We identify what is going to boost your brand and we apply all our know-how for achieving your goals, improve your mobile strategy and guarantee your success.

Interact with your customers, increase your community engagement, and improve your customer experience

Revolutionize the Way you Interact with your Customers

Thanks to the Mobile Wallet (eWallets on iPhone and Android) you can send push notifications to your customer’s phones and create real-time interactions in a sustainable way.

A new way of Marketing to conquer your customer’s mobile phones, increase your incomes and engage your community (no app required).

Mobile Wallet Tickets are an innovative digital solution for event management: keep your guests always updated and speed up entry to your event. 


Achieve your Goals

Create new opportunities and improve your strategy with Mobile Marketing & Mobile Wallet

Build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Create digital loyalty programs.

Provide innovative shopping experiences.
Connect your online and
offline strategies.
Drive more traffic to your website and increase your conversion rate.
Generate new leads and activate your database.

Boost your Digital Strategy with Mobile Wallet

We help you create deeper connections with customers on mobile