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Reach your goals with Mobile Wallet Marketing

A new dynamic, effective and mobile communication channel

Engage your Customers

Did you know that the main cause of customer loss is lack of interaction?

You don’t need your own app to engage consumers on mobile. Now you can create a personalized loyalty program using Mobile Wallet. Your customers will have a Digital Loyalty Card always on their phone with information about your brand, promotions and exclusive discounts.

Create different levels of loyalty and allow your customers to earn points and get rewards from your brand.


Improve your Conversion Rate

Did you know that mobile communication can increase your conversion rate by 30%?


Boost Your Sales

Send push notifications through Mobile Wallet directly to your customers’ phones to encourage them to visit your website, app, or physical store.


Turn your potential leads into clients

Regain fluid communication with old leads, show them your attention and earn their trust thanks to the new Mobile Wallet Channel.

Create Deeper Connections with Customers

Did you know that 86% of consumers are willing to pay more
for a better shopping experience?

Mobile Wallet is an easy-to-use, intuitive and non-intrusive solution. Users are connected to your brand through their phones and can receive exclusive benefits according to their interests and location.

Collect Quality Data

Did you know that collecting and using data could make the difference between success and failure?

Build a quality database with qualitative information from your customers or leads thanks to custom forms and Mobile Wallet.

Get to know your customers and their buying behavior to improve the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.



Digitalize Event Management

Did you know that you can improve the quality of your events with Mobile Wallet Tickets?

Communicate with your attendees and collaborators in real time: before, during and after the event.

Centralize important information of the event in the Mobile Wallet Ticket (check-in options, locations, contact information…).

Use contactless scanning to control access and attendance.

Boost your business and reach your goals
with Mobile Wallet Marketing