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Loyalty Solutions and Promotions
on Mobile

Take your current loyalty program mobile (or even create a new one), boost your sales, and improve the UX with Mobile Wallet

Loyalty Cards


Digital Coupons
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Stamp Card


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Digital Loyalty Cards

A tailored digital loyalty program on mobile

Increase the recurrence and average spend of your customers and engage directly with your members through Mobile Wallet.


  • Push notifications with updates, offers and exclusive benefits.
  • Real time information in just two taps and always at your customers’ mobile phone.
  • Integrated on your CRM or loyalty engine.
  • Useful data and campaign results to create deeper connections with your customers.  

Loyal customers account for 55-70% of total sales.


Digital Promotional Cards

Improve your ROI with digital coupons, offers and promotions

Offer special discounts and exclusive gifts to use in your e-commerce and offline store.


  • Acquire potential leads with our customized forms.
  • Increase your redemption rate and incomes.
  • Send automated offers based on your user’s interests during significant dates and in specific locations.

68% of users are influenced by compensation strategies.


Digital Stamp Card

Retain your customers with an original rewards system

Drive traffic to your physical store and encourage your customers to purchase with the Digital Stamp Card.


  • Send geolocated push notifications when your customers are nearby. 
  • Attract new customers through a personalized reward system.
  • Differentiate your brand from the competitors.

The Digital Stamp Cards increase your customer’s spending by up to 10%.


Digital Gift Cards

Manage your gift cards digitally

Improve your customers’ shopping experience and reduce printing and distribution costs with the Digital Gifts Cards.

  • Real-time balance available.
  • Geolocated push notifications to drive traffic to your physical store.
  • Dynamic information before, during and after the purchase.

Gift Cards are the gifts most demanded by consumers.

Digital Click&Collect

Manage your delivery points digitally

Offer a flexible and fast delivery solution to your customers, save on costs, and send and send order status updates in real time.

21% of online purchases are canceled due to delivery problems.


Boost your Business with the Mobile Wallet

We help you create deeper connections with customers on mobile